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Why CSR is important to us as a company

At SDL we feel the benefits to us as a company, as well as all our stakeholders are very clear and include the following:

Building a winning brand amongst Clients: Increase customer loyalty by treating them in a fair, honest and responsive manner.

Higher employee productivity: Treating employees in a responsible and fair way fosters employee morale and commitment. A socially responsible approach is a winning argument in the battle for talent.

Winning ‘good will’ of the community: Developing trust and ownership through engaging the community in an honest, transparent and responsive manner. Understanding the local context and tapping into local knowledge, skills and resources

Productive relationships with clients, subcontractors and suppliers: Innovation and higher productivity due to good working relationships with contractors & partners. More choice because everyone prefers working with clients who are fair, honest and accountable

Improved local government and regulatory relations: Less delays in planning procedures because social objectives are understood and addressed.


SDL recognise the importance of maintaining their operation to ensure the safety of the environment. The Company recognises that effective management of our environment makes good business sense and, as such, is a fundamental and integral part of our business strategy.

We recognize that our operations will in some way have an effect on the local, regional and global environment. As such we are committed to the continual improvement our environmental performance and prevention of pollution. In doing this, environmental law, regulations and codes of practice will be regarded as the minimum standard of performance


Our full Environmental policy is available on request.


Our Code of Practice:

Enhancing the Appearance
Respecting the Community
Protecting the Environment
Securing everyone's Safety
Caring for the Workforce

In addition we seek to provide an open channel of communication with local residents throughout the length of a project, with regular newsletter updates on any matters that may have an impact on them.

Our People

People are our key asset. We pride ourselves on our staff retention rate and encourage every member of the team to develop through a structured training, development and reward programme, which we are continually evolving. Our staff regularly attends CITB training courses at both vocational and managerial levels.

Supply Chain Management

All our subcontractors are tried and tested and subject to regular checks and assessments. We also spend a considerable amount of time and effort in surveying the market for new subcontractors to ensure that our clients continue to receive the best value for money.